4-year program description


The programe consists of basic sciences in the first year, more specific training in optometric and visual sciences and clinical Optometry in the second and third year, and clinical training in the fourth year.



First Year


Course name


Required course


l   General Physics


l   General Biology


l   Physiology


l   General Physics Laboratory


l   Ocular Anatomy and Physiology


l   Geometric Optics


l   Geometric Optics Laboratory


l   Physical Education(I)


l   Physical Education(II)


Optional course


l   Introduction to Visual Science


l   Calculus


l   Introduction to Optometry


l   Technical presentation


l   Optometry English


l   Introduction to Clinical Medicine




Second Year


Course name


Required course


l   Physiological Optics


l   Biochemistry


l   Ocular Anatomy and Physiology


l   Optometry (I)


l   Optometric Laboratory (I)


l   Ophthalmic Optics


l   Optometry (II)


l   Visual Perception


l   Optometric Laboratory (II)


l   Physical Education (III)


l   Physical Education (IV)


Optional course


l   Introduction to Visual Biomedicine


l   Independent Study (I)


l   Patient and Case History Management


l   Specific Topic of Ocular Anatomy and Physiology


l   Independent Study (II)


l   Biotechnology of Vision Health Foods


l   Visual Impairment


l   Sport vision



Third Year


Course name


Required course


l   Ophthalmic Lens Dispensing


l   Optometry (III)


l   Contact Lens


l   Ophthalmic Lens Dispensing Laboratory


l   Optometric Laboratory (III)


l   Contact Lens Laboratory


l   Ophthalmology


l   Low Vision


l   Binocular vision


l   Clinical Practicum in Optometric Laboratory


Optional course


l   Independent Study (III)


l   Research Methods of Visual Biomedicine


l   Microbiology & Immunology


l   Biostatistics


l   Color and Stereopsis Vision


l   Pharmacology


l   Environmental Vision


l   Child Optometry


l   Methodology and Design in Vision Science


l   Seminar in Contact lens case conference/report



Fourth Year


Course name


Required course


l   Clinical Optometry


l   Practicum in Optometry


l   Clinical Practicum in Ocular Disease


l   Seminar in Optometry Biomedical Sciences


l   Functional Vision Assessment


Optional course


l   Industry and Business Management in Optometry


l   Vision Health Education


l   Independent Study (IV)


l   Eyewear Appreciation and Style


l   Clinical Ophthalmology and Optometry


l   Practicum in Optometric Despising