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About Us

The Department of Optometry was established in 1992, as the first optometry program in Taiwan, to provide training for future optometrists. Two levels of programs are offered by the department; Bachelor of Science degree (Full-time 4 years) and Master of Science degree (Full-time 2 years). Student completes a bachelor degree is qualified for nationwide optometrist license examination and certified as a practice optometrist. Since optometry is a very young and active profession, our graduates have a very diverse career potential including ophthalmology clinic, spectacle/contact lens industry, optic-related industry and other healthcare-related industry. The two-year graduate program is to prepare students with the adequate knowledge and skills to pursue a research career in basic/clinical research or become a faculty in the future.


The curriculum of the Department of Optometry offers a series of clinical lectures and scientific lectures which are designed for students’ future clinical applications. The curriculum also emphasizes on laboratory practices which are important parts of our education, and which are also significant for students’ future clinical practices. Basically, students will receive a broad range of training in sciences in their freshman and sophomore years, which are relevant to their future studies of optometry, including biology, physiology, anatomy, optometry, optic and many others. The junior- and senior-year students will be given some advanced classes leading them to be an optometrist, which include low vision, contact lenses and binocular vision. At the end of their studies, a four-month clinical internship in an ophthalmology and optometric clinic in certified hospitals is required.


Optometry is a healthcare profession specializing in the ocular examination and care of visual system. In order to better fit our students into their future working places, we encourage our students to invest their time and energies to participate activities of local and national optometric professional societies to acquire practical information and training they needed for their career developments. Furthermore, the department also cooperates with oversea universities, such as Tianjin medical university and Wenzhou medical university, and creates opportunities for our students.

Faculty profile

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A variety of research projects are currently taken in our department including basic researches involved biochemistry and nutrition. Moreover, some optometry related researches including contact lenses and myopia control are also studied in this department. Individual research interest of each faculty members can be found in the personal profiles.