Course Overview


  1. First Year: Basic Sciences
  2. Second Year: Basic Medical & Vision Science Courses
  3. Third Year: Basic Vision Science, Refracting, and Opthalmic Dispensing Courses
  4. Fourth Year: Clinical Optometry Courses & onsite rotations


  • The purpose of the four year course plan is to broaden general medical knowledge, train specialized skills in refractive and ophthalmic dispensing techniques, and to promote research in vision science.
  • Aside from an occupation in refraction and ophthalmic dispensing, graduates in Optometry will be able to specialize in vision training and education for people who are visually challenged.
  • Graduates may also specialize in basic visual science or optometry related
    research in medical institutes.
  • The ultimate goal is to expand the field of Optometry in Taiwan and increase the awareness of the general public regarding vision health and protection.